Would you like a full reading of your Animal Spirit Guidance Map, Plus Coaching to take your exploration to the Next Level?

Finding our spirit animals is a gateway on the path of self-discovery and forming a deeper connection with nature. To know our spirit animals is to embrace our own style and strengths! It's also important to find the seat of our spirit animals on our Personal Totem Map, whether their gifts are in balance or uprooted from our existence, so we can bring about healing and powerful expression in our lives. Each of us has a unique connection to the animals and their qualities, tools, minerals, foods, elements, spiritual distinctions and chakra powers that they represent.

What You will Receive:

Your reading will last approximately 1 hour over a Skype video session. 

We will go over getting to know each of your Totem Animal Spirits, discuss the messages that they deliver to you, and the unique qualities that are yours.

You will receive personal coaching on how to move forward embracing the new wisdom. 

Please prepare a simple notebook and pencil in advance, so you can take notes.

After our reading, I will email you a designed copy of your personal Totem map to keep with you and I will explain what do to with it.

Due to the nature of the reading and its demands, cancellations cannot be refunded.

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