Welcome to Mindfulness & Emotional Fitness Personal Training!

Have you been told you aren't in touch with your feelings?

Are you feeling lost in self-help or unable to move forward at a crossroads?

Do you need to change negative behaviors or limiting beliefs?

Are you searching for a solution to a lifelong issue?

Can't get along at work?

Want to learn how to be a more effective communicator?

Get ready to uncover deep insight and new abilities to cause positive change in your life!

How It Works

We will begin by getting to know you, mapping the issues you'd like to bring up for coaching, as well as clarifying your goals. 

As we continue, you will receive personal practical training, embrace new tools and distinctions. 

During our sessions, I will apply Emotional Intelligence skills, NLP, EFT, Embodiment practices, meditation, business and intuitive counseling, and a spirit of self-exploration. 

In between coaching sessions, you may be asked to do some mental or written practices that may be suitable for you. 

Please prepare a simple notebook and pencil in advance, in case you need them.

Option 1 - Attractive Packages:

You may purchase your next 4 75-minute sessions at a package price of $465 USD.

The same great package price will apply for every package of sessions that you purchase going forward. 

Option 2 - Single Appointments:

Should you choose to purchase individual single sessions, each 75-minute session will be priced at $129 USD.

Cancellations will be accepted no later than 48 hours prior to the session.

Why Purchase a Package?

Purchasing a package is recommended not only because of the great savings, but also because of the commitment factor - you will be making a commitment to your own future and joy, and to becoming the best 'you' in your relationships. I would love for you to succeed. Now, it's up to you to make a commitment to yourself!

Of course, this offering is not mental health counseling or to be used to treat medical conditions and I cannot accept clients with severe mental health issues, drug addiction or who are considering committing crimes or suicide.

Let's Get Started!

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STEP 2- If you haven't done so already, you may email  einlpcenter@gmail.com or call 818-397-8822 to schedule your EFT session, in person or on Skype.  Please make sure to provide your full name, your reason for seeking Personal Coaching, and what else I need to know about you, in short.

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