EFT & EFT With The Source Technique™

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a quick and simple method that has been clinically proven to eliminate stress, pain, and emotional issues in minutes! 

What is EFT?

As seen and heard on the Oprah show and on Dr. Oz, energy medicine is being referred to as the medicine of the future. EFT has been studied and developed since the 1960's by scholars and researchers of applied and behavioral kinesiology, medical and phycology doctors until it was finally coined as 'EFT' by Dr. Gary Craig in the 1980's. Now, EFT is the most influential and widely-known Energy Phycology method in the world. EFT stands for “Emotional Freedom Technique” and is a revolutionary healing technique that combines talk therapy, energy psychology, and light tapping on acupuncture points used in Chinese medicine. It is often also called “tapping”, due to the tapping that is performed with one's own fingertips on those meridian points in the body, during EFT healing.


When is EFT used?

Anytime, anywhere, on everything!

EFT is used to gain relief from fear, grief, separation, emotional eating, sadness, anxiety, pain, stress, guilt, frustration, rage, disappointment, revenge, heartbreak, overwhelm, jealousy, hurt, confusion, fear of the future, feelings of unworthiness, feelings of inadequacy, physical ailments, trauma and other negative emotional or physical problems. 


EFT is a whole new way to release emotional memories and deeply entrenched patterns of behavior.


What is EFT with Source Technique™?

The Source Technique™ is a proprietary technique developed by Robin Duncan, a Master EFT Trainer and a Course in Miracles practitioner, of The Miracle Center of California. It is an advanced practice of EFT directed at correcting the problem at its source and minimizing the chances of the problem returning, by treating the root cause, gently, quickly and effectively. It's almost like taking a thorn out from a sore place, and it feels so much better when it's gone. You may also think of EFT with Source Technique™ as similar to uprooting weeds from your garden, as opposed to just plucking at the leaves.



When you"Tap", you will clear out self-sabotaging beliefs and painful emotions right from their root, without any self-judgment. This is one of the reasons that EFT is so effective! You will suggest to your mind that it's safe to let those go, and that there could be other ways that you can relate and respond to a painful situation, to food, to a person, a memory, etc. And you will affirm your new choices.  This process is so gentle, that you'll barely feel it happening, but you'll feel very relieved in the end of it, and confident that you have opened new possibilities for yourself.

EFT offers great healing benefits - Deepak Chopra
When weeds come up in your garden, it does no good to say: 'There are no weeds'... - Nick Ortner
When we expand our thinking and beliefs, our love flows freely" ... "Loving yourself, it's with you for the rest of your life, so you want to make it the nest relationship you can have - Louise Hay

This is an Example of Gary Craig's Original EFT Tapping Sequence: