Welcome to the 'Ten Milestones' Email Coaching Program!

Whether you would like to lose weight, to stop punishing yourself, achieve new goals, reclaim positive emotions, find hope in your life, become a better communicator in your relationships, let go of the past or discover your self-confidence - this E-mail Coaching Program offers you personally customized email coaching to get you where you want to go! 


In other words, this e-mail coaching happens between your personal inbox and mine. No auto-responders. This is a dynamic program just for you!

Email coaching works especially well for those who prefer to read at their convenience, to take the time to reflect on their thoughts and the techniques they will learn, in between sessions. It also provides ample opportunity to mull over their answers or questions to me.


I love coaching over email and I tend to be very clear and organized in my writing. I also like to provide additional material in my emails that may be helpful to you, such as links and videos.


In This Program You’ll Get:

10 personal, non-automated emails from me with clear coaching instructions, questions, home assignments and materials, tailored just for you!

We may email back and forth many more than 10 times. The foundation of the program is 10 customized emails.

I’ll read every email you send, personally and confidentially, and give you an individual reply to move you forward.

The entire program will take about a month, estimated, depending on how quickly you respond and complete your assignments.

The cost of this email coaching program is only $118 USD.

$118 is less than you’d pay for just one 90-minute coaching session with me ($129). 

Yet, you’ll get elements of a 1x1 session: my personal feedback and guidance, access to studied emotional intelligence development skills and tools. 

Due to the nature of the program and its demands, cancellations of e-mail coaching cannot be refunded.

Of course, this program is not mental health counseling or to be used to treat medical conditions and I cannot accept clients with severe mental health issues, drug addiction or who are considering committing crimes or suicide.

It’s a great opportunity to spend your spare time over the next month doing something that might make a huge difference in your life. It's a sure step forward! 

I would love for you to succeed. Now, it's up to you to make a commitment to yourself!

Let's Get Started!

STEP 1 - Make your payment for the Ten Milestones Program via PayPal:


Note, if your currency is not USD, you may easily find today's conversion rate to USD and send the payment in your own currency. For the rate in your currency click HERE.

You will receive an automated receipt for your payment right away. I will also email you an invoice if you need one.

STEP 2 - Start writing your first email! Please make sure to write to einlpcenter@gmail.com with your main reasons for seeking a coach, and what else I need to know about you.

Get excited, you're about to make an investment in your most important asset!

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