Hila Halutzy is an Emotional Intelligence Counselor, NLP & EFT Therapy Master Practitioner and Certified Life-Coach, NLMM® Workshop teacher, and Alternative Dispute Resolution Facilitator, with an MA in Behavioral Sciences. 


Born and raised in Israel, she spent several years in the US where she studied with world-renowned teachers. 


Her personal journey has led her to become a steadfast believer in the natural human ability to heal patterns of self-sabotage, and to create the Power of Pause method.


She lives in Israel where she counsels and manages Organizational Development for Global organizations. 


This Emotional Intelligence guide serves readers with comprehensive and practical how-to guidance, proven to change life outcomes. If you have a desire to quit doing “more of the same” in any area of your life, this guide is for you!


The Power of Pause is a practice that you can start to use immediately, in order to better your life and the quality of your relationships.

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