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Power of Pause

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Advanced Self-development Boiled Down to an Ultra-practical 4-Step Application

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Spirituality with Brain Science, Emotional Intelligence Training, NLP & Healing Techniques, Typology, Somatic Practices, Mindfulness and Esoteric knowledge; digested & put for you in a practical, easy-to-use, short & rich format that you can really use; and that works to shift lives from "automatic" to accelerated growth.
So you don't live on "automatic"!​​​​
The Full e-Guide Includes:

Why we do the things we do

What are Attachments & How they affect us

Understanding self-sabotage 

The 4 steps of the Power of Pause application

The full "How to" dissolve patterns

Practical tips for success in each step

Awareness boosting questions to ask 

Examples and drawings

Unique terminology and distinctions that work
Access to audio & video resources

The Power of Pause has changed the lives of my private coaching clients!


100% of my private clients love the Power of Pause and say it brought on major life changes and personal growth! When you'll use it, you'll break away from harmful (even formerly hidden) patterns and rewire your brain to produce the outcomes that you truly desire; 

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