Ongoing Rates & Special Offers

  • Rate/Duration: 60 Min. Coaching & Healing Session / $129.

  • 2 hour Coaching & Healing Intensive Session (recommended) / $247

  • NLP Coaching Commitment: Clients are requested to commit to a coaching process, and therefore to purchase a minimum of 4 sessions (typically, a month's worth) in advance.

  • Bonus Sessions: Purchase 8 sessions and receive 1 bonus session ($129 value) for free. 

  • EFT Sessions: EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) sessions may be purchased in single sessions

  • For special offers in the unique Generous With Yourself women's program -  please click here

  • In addition, refer a friend (who will also purchase private sessions) and receive 1 bonus session ($129 value) for free, at any stage!

Referral Program

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations should be informed at least 24 hours prior to your session in order to allow for calendar adjustments.

  • Cancellations received less than 24 hours before a session will result in a $75 charge and your fully paid session to be rescheduled.

  • Cancellations made by your coach should be informed to you at least 24 hours prior to your session, otherwise you will be compensated with additional time to your following session.


  • Payments are received prior to or on your first session (or the first session of each session series).

  • Accepted payment forms are Paypal, cash and checks.

Availability & Communication

  • Since I am in sessions a lot, email is a great form of communication! Click on the address to email me at

  • You may ask for sessions to be held in person or remotely (with Video apps such as Skype or Facetime) 

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