Are You Struggling To Change an Unwanted Behavior?

Have you ever wondered why people do the very things that cause them unhappiness, and avoid the very things that might make them happy?

Here's the thing; Our brains are wired to choose disappointment over success if success seems more threatening, on a subconscious level. This is why we will often have something great, and will deliberately throw it away.

Here's a big tip to get you started on the path of releasing yourself from the hold of your self-sabotage:

When you're not quite sure what is stopping you from making a positive change in your life; usually the answer would be the same as the answer to the question: "what is the emotion that I keep having in the end, and that I don't like?".

Emotional awareness is a gate to a deeper understanding and recognition of the true hidden causes of self-sabotage, bad decisions, and suffering.

What was the emotional result of your decision to act in one way, versus another?

What is the final outcome of your avoiding doing something, that you wanted to do, but didn't?

That is your first clue to what is holding you back! It is called an "attachment", and I teach my clients simple ways to identify and release their attachments effectively, so they can have the outcomes that they truly want in their lives - abundance, acceptance, success, relaxation, respect, and love!

Weather you've been struggling to take up a new healthy habit, want to get out of a bad dating cycle, tend to overbook your schedule, want to stop worrying too much, or often "end up" feeling a certain way that you don't like; personal NLP Life Coaching can help you to zero down your specific obstacles and to overcome them, with simple tools.

The resistance with which people qualify their experiences determines how good they'll feel. Be aware that what you resist - persists, and that the very things you are trying to avoid, you are getting more of, as long as you continue on auto-pilot.

Why just survive, when you can thrive?

Learn how to avoid self-sabotaging your happiness, your success and relationships.

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