Woman, This is How to Love Yourself on Valentine's Day

A word to women who do, and especially those who don't have a special someone to celebrate with this Valentine's day.

May you love yourself deeply and completely, as you you yearn to be loved by a lover. With kind words of encouragement, quality time, compliments, gifts or ouch.

No, it won't make you 'new-agy', or desperate-looking, or 'too happy for your situation'. Your yearning is your most wonderful, most delicate and most earth scorching feminine magnetic power.

If flowers are what you wish for, get some, then enjoy their beauty, scent and decoration. Flowers don't care what anyone thinks of them, nor do they need a special reason to bloom, they just do. And they give all this without any effort. Be as effortless as a flower with your love.

If chocolate is what you wish for, get some. Eat them slowly, as you do nothing else but roll them on all sides of your tongue, allowing them to melt by your natural warmth. Just enjoy yourself without anyone having to know about it, slowly. Take your time, as you wish your lover to take with you. As with things most sacred.

Play your favorite music and dance. Doesn't it feel better than scrolling down to the next thing on your feed? Forget the feed. Feed yourself. Better yet, nourish.

Dance your yearning for love as you spread your arms. Your arms extensions of your heart that can reach to the ends of the earth. Open them to receive what is coming as you release your heart's yearning to be known in the world. Indulge in that the message from your heart has been sent.

Speak as love with your choice of words, your tone, and your self-talk. Speak as love when you order lunch, excuse yourself through a crowd, or pay for a car-wash. Speak as love when it's the most difficult.

Love is an inside job. To embody love means to become an instrument of love that gives and receives without attachment to outcome or form, to love not only with our intentions but with the energy that we run through our bodies.

I'd love for you to share with me, how else can you be loving today?

Meanwhile, Happy Valentine's day!

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