Not Just Semantics... On The Difference Between "Feeling" And "Being"

What's the BIG difference between "Feeling" and "Being"?

I can say "I am afraid", or "I feel fear arising". In the first, I would be identifying with what I'm feeling, making the fear and myself one and the same. In the second, I would be allowing myself to witness the fear which is arising in me and to experience it as it is; to witness my story as consciousness in a body, without becoming one with the story.

Think of "I am helpless" versus "I feel helpless". In practical terms, am I really completely without resources? or am I feeling pain or fear arising in regards to deprivation?

Perhaps your habit isn't your habit, but simply a habit.

We don't have to be one with the story.

This is the Power of Pause - to recognize and to then un-identify with your patterns, emotions, and habitual outcomes so you can CHOOSE to create new ones; create who you have always been, and the emotional outcomes that you truly desire.

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