What is the Non-linear Movement Method®? 

The Non-linear Movement Method® is a somatic practice that has the power to liberate, heal and transform.

It was developed by the world-renowned teacher Michaela Bohem over 20 years of teaching experience and over 40,000 hours of counseling, and it has roots in the Kashmiri Shaivism tradition of which Michaela is a lineage holder. The teaching technique was later on refined with the assistance of Steve James.

The Non-linear Movement method® allows the natural genius of the body to lead a self-exploration in order to let go of a residual energetic burden due to stress or trauma, to re-sensitize to the body, and to reconnect with love and with pleasure.


What are the benefits of the Non-Linear Movement Method®?
-Smoothing the nervous system, which promotes a deep sense of relaxation 

-Identifying and process emotions

-Awakening sexual energy and sensation

-Releasing trauma patterns

-Releasing stuckness in mental or physical"loops" 
-Releasing tension and pain (physical or emotional)
-Creating openness in the body 
-Gently sensitizing areas of the body that are tense or numb
-Cultivating a deep intimacy with one's own sensations which lends itself to more satisfying relationships with others


How is Non-linear Movement Practiced?

The practice is done on a Yoga mat or blanket, which defines the participants' personal area. The movement is unchoreographed and therefore the guidance by the teacher is minimal and aimed at creating a correct and gentle self-guided practice. Participants should wear comfortable clothes.

For more information about the Non-linear Movement Method®www.thenonlinearmovementmethod.com

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