Emotional Intelligence Workshops

with Awareness Cards

Fun, Interactive and Empowering Emotional Intelligence & Transformational Workshops

  •  Happiness - Uncovering Challenges & Resources
  •  Authenticity - Living According to Your Values
  •  Dreams & Gifts - Bringing Yourself to The World
  •  Money & Me - Exploring & Healing our Relationship to Money
  •  Light & Shadow - Working with our Archetypes
  •  The Self -Love Workshop 
  •  The "Hope Tank" Workshop
  • "Conflict Resolution 4x4"
        And more!
These fun and informative workshops include working with Coaching and Awareness Cards, Emotional Intelligence Practices, NLP, and Guided Imagery exercises.
The Coaching & Awareness Cards serve as a visual instrument to project our deepest dreams, values, and beliefs.
They help us to discover our unique strengths, reveal desires and limiting thoughts, to develop and deepen our emotional dialog, resolve inner conflicts, increase self-awareness, self-acceptance and emotional literacy.
Through connecting with the rich world of archetypes, animals and colorful messages, we enrich our own experience. We get to peel back our layers and become more and more comfortable with what's within, and to define our challenges so that new perspectives and solutions can become clear to us. 
Price: $30 per participant.
At least 6 & up to 8 participants per group.
7- 9:30 PM on selected dates (per booking)
This offer is for both men and women.
If  you'd like to organize your friends together, or to participate in a workshop, contact me now by filling the boxes below:

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 I came to the workshop without expectations. 
I am a healer and a coach, and I deal with the wellness of the human psyche. To my surprise, I discovered a new wide world of learning and empowerment. The workshop gave me new points of view of myself. I highly recommend it! 

Valerie P., Woodland Hills

Hila's Self-Love Emotional Intelligence Workshop is empowering, touching, and enriching. You'll learn about yourself and get tools to cope with things from a new perspective. It's a real inspiration and growing to the best version of yourself

Meira M., Agoura Hills

On June 2017 I had the privilege to participate in workshops that are part of a series of Emotional Intelligence workshops, focusing on self-love, and aiming at self-empowerment, fulfillment, happiness, and personal growth.
Hila Halutzy created this workshop and lead it. She did amazing work. 

She is a plethora of knowledge and has so much passion for delivering the information and teaching the women in her group. She is sharply intelligent and a great communicator. We spent a few hours every session which was full of interaction and information. 

I learned out of the workshops on how to be fulfilled and to love myself. Thank you, Hila for amazing workshops.

Ilanit H., Founder, and owner of Majestic Healing, Tarzana

Thank you for a fascinating evening! Emotional intelligence, Indeed!

Michelle A., Sherman Oaks

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