Hila Halutzy is an Emotional Intelligence Counselor, NLP & EFT Therapy Master Practitioner and Certified Life-Coach, NLMM® Workshop teacher, and Alternative Dispute Resolution Facilitator, with an MA in Behavioral Sciences.



Born and raised in Israel, she spent several years in the US where she studied with world-renowned teachers.



Her personal journey has led her to become a steadfast believer in the natural human ability to heal patterns of self-sabotage, and to create the Power of Pause method.



She lives in Israel where she counsels and manages Organizational Development for Global organizations.



Stop! In 4: This Emotional Intelligence guide serves readers with comprehensive and practical how-to guidance, proven to change life outcomes. If you have a desire to quit doing “more of the same” in any area of your life, this guide is for you!



The Power of Pause is a practice that you can start to use immediately, in order to better your life and the quality of your relationships.